Altair TypeFamily Font


Altair TypeFamily Free Demo is a part of the Altair family. A family of sans serifs based on Zetafonts-designed alliance. Altair develops the original Digitalino font, designed by Francesco Canovaro. The original ultra-bold design was expanded and developed by Andrea Tartarelli and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini. For this reason, the body is suitable for use in a wide range of designs, from copying to viewing text. Altair’s original authenticity lies in the calligraphic roots of its design, which gives it a sincere, self-confident appearance. For this reason, Altair is an excellent product for new technology initiatives, technology content and any other litigation. Add Altair designing to get a solid design look in the emotional context.

Thanks to Zetafonts for sharing

Date File Types File Size Layered Dimension
03/20/2017 TTF FONT Personal Use Only